Does exploring a new place to find something great to eat excite you?

Are new recipes, cooking advice, tips, and tricks, something you look for?

Do you love spending time creating a meal that will bring warmth and comfort to your family and friends?

Do you sometimes feel alone, or just need a good friend but don’t get out much?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  This blog is written for YOU!

Food is not something that’s just consumed – it’s experienced. The aromas, textures, colors, flavors, and sounds, all come together to create an atmosphere where memories are made and moments are shared. People first eat with their eyes, and then with their mouth. Food is something that allows us to gather together and experience life on a more intimate level with those we love.

I love food and I’m driven in my purpose to bring families and friends closer together through creating great-tasting and delectable food. I hope this blog can be a useful resource that will provide valuable information, as well as genuine sense of friendship for you. Below you will see an outline for how my blog is organized so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


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A little ABOUT ME

My name is Myriah Christopherson. I’m a wife, a new mother, a blogger, and a true foodie at heart! I share a unique perspective on local eats, my favorite recipes, and kitchen tips and tricks. I offer a genuine sense of friendship and knowledge to others through sharing inspiring and informative content. My purpose is to bring family and friends closer together through the one thing, none of us can live without … FOOD!


I’ve designed this blog to share four major areas of content. Local Eats, Recipes, Kitchen & Products, and last but certainly not least, Inspiration. Each of these pages is explained below.

Local Eats – When I review a “local eat”, I focus on the following areas:  The overall dining experience, the menu choices and gluten free options (my husband is gluten intolerant),  the average cost of meals, and the type of cuisine offered.  I don’t often purchase beverages when I’m eating out. The only exception to this is if I’m ordering a specialty drink such as horchata, peach lemonade, or virgin drink, etc., (I don’t drink alcoholic beverages). If I do order one, I’ll be sure to mention it if it’s something amazing.

Recipes – This is where I’ll share with you, my favorite recipes, some of the entertaining stories behind them, and how they made their way into my personal cookbook. I’ll also provide tips and tricks throughout the cooking process that I’ve learned.

Kitchen & Products – This area is dedicated to sharing different tools and resources I use in the kitchen. Whether it’s an info-graphic, a “how to” video, a review of a certain kitchen product, or a link to something I love, you’ll find all my favorites listed here. As my blog continues to grow, I have a few other great ideas of things I can add to this section, so stay tuned for those exciting additions!

Inspiration – This element of my blog is unique and very personal to me. As a new mother, I know I’ll be facing several new changes and adjustments in the upcoming months. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little nervous about feeling alone, insecure, and a little overwhelmed.  I also know I’m not the only one that is experiencing this, so I’ve decided to create a space to uplift and inspire others through what I’m learning for myself through personal development. The content in this section will range anywhere from spiritual, mental and physical inspiration.