Pinch-Dash-Smidgen was inspired by my passion and love for food. I’ve always enjoyed great food, but even more than the eating experience, I’ve recognized the special way that food is integrated into our lives.

Food is not something that’s just consumed – it’s experienced. The aromas, textures, colors, flavors, and sounds, all come together to create an atmosphere where memories are made and moments are shared. People first eat with their eyes, and then with their mouth. Food is something that allows us to gather together and experience life on a more intimate level with those we love.

The purpose of this blog is to bring families and friends closer together through recipes, inspiration, and great food.

About Me

My name is Myriah Christopherson. I’m a wife, a new mother, a blogger, and a true foodie at heart! I share a unique perspective on local eats, my favorite recipes, and kitchen tips and tricks. I offer a genuine sense of friendship and knowledge to others through sharing inspiring and informative content. My purpose is to bring family and friends closer together through the one thing, none of us can live without … FOOD!