Things about my life experience that can connect with other bloggers:

  1. Humble Circumstances – Not a picky eater because it wasn’t an option. Mom always “Dr.’d” things up a bit so it always tasted great.
  2. “Food Awakening” – I already enjoyed cooking and trying new things, but I didn’t realize how limited my cuisine choices were until I fell in love – He was from Seattle and he found the way to my heart – through food.
  3. I understand what it’s like to be alone. I’ve never been someone great at making friends. I’ve always been a great acquaintance, but I’ve struggled learning to break out of my comfort zone and to get to know new people.

It’s More Than Just Food

The first thing ever learned to cook was scrambled eggs. I couldn’t have been older than four, which would have made my older sister Sarah, six at the time.  We did practically everything together. I can still remember the excitement between us as we took turns cracking the eggs, digging out the shells that accidentally fell in, attempting to stir the eggs quickly like our Mom always did, to then finally pour the eggs into the hot pan to stir them as they cooked. Even at a young age, cooking was something that brought a sense of joy and accomplishment!

Between the ages of ten and twelve, I learned to make French Bread. I loved the process of kneading the dough, waiting for it to rise, just so I could punch it down, to let it rise again. I remember finding a cookbook that taught me how to “score” raw dough, giving it the traditional markings of a french loaf or baguette . I also learned how to “egg wash” the bread before baking, to provide a shiny top coat which would hold in moisture as the loaf baked. Pulling out hot bread from the oven, knowing everyone in my family could enjoy, was something I looked forward to even if it did take time and work.

Food is not something that’s just consumed – it’s experienced. The Aromas, textures, colors, flavors, and sounds, all come together create an atmosphere where memories are made and moments are shared. People first eat with their eyes, and then with their mouth. Food is something that allows us to gather together and experience life on a more intimate level with those we love.

If you agree with the statements above, I know you’re going to love my blog! I love food and I’m driven in my purpose to bring families and friends closer together through great tasting and delectable food. The story line and importance of food over time has evolved and shifted. In some ways this is a good thing, but in many ways it has begun to negatively impact the way our modern families function.

I don’t think it will require much effort to begin to slowly shift the mindset people have a

I would like to share with you my favorite recipes, local restaurants, and even a little inspiration so th


As a foodie, I’m always eager to find out about new / amazing local restaurants. I’m pretty picky with it comes to taste, so the places I review