This page is the say-all-be-all of my local food reviews! Here you can find great places that I recommend grabbing a bite to eat. Most reviews are of restaurants throughout the state of Utah, but if I’m traveling, you can bet I’ll be sharing the great places I’ve found along the way!

let me do the Taste testing

Let’s face it – we’ve all experienced the letdown and frustration of trying some place new and instantly regretting it. There’s nothing worse than walking away from a meal you didn’t enjoy AND having to pay for it. The “local eats” portion of my blog was designed specifically to help you avoid that issue!

My food review reputation is something I’ve established on trust – I want you to know that the places I share on this blog, are restaurants I feel are worth going to, and worth the money spent. I like to think of myself as someone with a distinct palette, (what foodie doesn’t?) so why not let me do the taste testing?

Oh, one other thing I want to be sure to mention…I only write reviews for GREAT food – I’m not out to slander local businesses or to tell you what not to eat. If I don’t feel a restaurant meets my expectations, you won’t see it posted here.

I also accept food review requests! If you’d like to know my thoughts and recommendations on a new local eat, let me know! I’d love to try it out and see what it’s like!

How “local eats” are reviewed

When I review a “local eat”, I focus on the following areas:  The overall dining experience,  the menu choices and gluten free options (if there are any since my husband is gluten intolerant),  the average cost of meals, and the type of cuisine offered.  I don’t often purchase beverages when I’m eating out. The only exception to this is if I’m ordering a specialty drink such as horchata, peach lemonade, or virgin drink, etc, (I don’t drink alcoholic beverages). If I do order one, I’ll be sure to mention it if it’s something amazing.